ロティサリーチキンのセールス!送料無料 (A Present from Chickenman) (〜12月24日)




鶏肉の引きセールス中!ロティサリーチキンの引きセールス中!12月24日まで!50% 引きのプレゼント(2 for 1;12月24日まで)あと2日間で終わり





チキンマンのお客様たちを幸せにしたいのと同じくらい、 しかし、私たちのビズネスにはお金がな苦なるんです。でも、お客様にはとても感謝し、社内会議を開催する必要がありました。







Flash Sale! Flash Sale! 2 for the price of 1! 50% discount present for Whole Chicken orders from Chickenman ends December 24 (#2 days more)


Yes, you heard right. A whopping 50% discount for all our customers and other interested persons.

Two chickens for the price of one.

What better way to say thank you for your patronage for the year 2017.

Some customers reached out to us asking for an extension of our recently concluded 50% discount sales.

As much as we like to make our customers happy, we don’t want to be at a loss continuously. However, we appreciate our customers so much and had to hold an internal meeting.

The consensus was to run a short sale, ending in the next three days.

This offer is valid while stock lasts, so don’t wait to place your orders now.

One more thing, we are offering free shipping.

How sweeter can this offer get…

Remember, this offer ends at12:00pm prompt, no extensions planned.

Place your orders now.



1. Whats the catch?

There is no catch, we are offering two chickens for the price of one. So go get yours now.

2. Whats the taste like?

Hmmh, its a mixture of the right blend of European and Asian flavors, typically referred to as Euroasian taste fusion. From our high ratings, based on the reviews on Google and Facebook, we believe these clients can attest to Chickenman’s chicken being the right choice.

3. Is this also known as Rotisserie chicken?

Yes, you are right. The taste is also worth trying out. Place an order today, don’t delay.

4. I think two chickens are too much, can I just order one?

Of course, feel free to place your orders, however, the same price will still apply. I suggest you check out this post for what to do with excess chicken or share with friends. This is the best season to share too. I am sure that with the first bite, you would find yourself devouring the whole chicken in no time. Just try us out.

5. Why Chicken from Chickenman?

Well, the taste is in the eating. We take utmost care to ensure that we roast the chicken in an expertly regulated convection oven. This ensures even cooking and a unique flavor only obtainable with our chicken, this flavor seeps deep into the chicken and you taste this with every bite. I assure you that you cannot achieve this level of unique taste at home, no matter how hard you try.

6. I am not sure of what to expect…

Well, check out our reviews on our Facebook page. Our 4.9-star rating from customers like you can’t be wrong. You are just a delivery away.

7. Can I pay with a card?

We offer a pay on delivery type of service, however, if you want to pay with a card, just drop a message on the blue link just to your right. See it, we are right there waiting.

Still got questions? Ask away.

Or better still, go ahead and place your orders now. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.